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We're a New Kind of Law Firm

Christopher Hall & Associates is a new kind of law firm.

There is a new model of law firm emerging (and we see some good ones) that are changing the way law is done.

We see new firms delivering effective services with value-based pricing. We belong to this new set of law firms and look forward to serving you.

Published Rates for Services

One of the ways we are different is we believe law firms should publish their prices. You'll find our prices for services below..

See the other ways we are different at How We Work.

Did we miss anything you wanted to see? Drop us a line at and we'll add it here.

Rates for Patent Services

Utility Patents - Attorney Fees

If your patent is such that it may be represented by 20 or less well-drafted claims, we will be able to offer you the following pricing:

Patent Prior Art Search$600 flat-fee
Utility Patent Drafting and Prosecution
(Patent Cooperation Treaty or US-Only)
$5,000 flat-fee
Total (Attorney Fees):$5,600.00

For a more complicated patent with a larger number of claims we would be happy to provide a flat-fee price prior to your engagement of our services.

Design Patents - Attorney Fees

Design patents are in general much simpler to prepare and prosecute then utility patents. Here are our prices related to desin patents:

Patent Prior Art Search$600 flat-fee
Design Patent Drafting and Prosecution$1,500 flat-fee
Total (Attorney Fees):$2,100.00

For a more complicated patent with a larger number of claims we would be happy to provide a flat-fee price prior to your engagement of our services.

Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Fees - International Stage

A Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) patent will first be filed at internationally and then national stage applications will follow in each country where you would like to gain protection.

The PCT Fees (charged by the body you file with) for the Internation Stage are as follows:

Transmittal Fee:$300.00
Search Fee:$1,800.00
Preliminary Examination Fee:$600.00
International Filing Fee (electronic):$1083.00
Total (PCT Fees):$3783.00

Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Fees - National Stage

30 months from the date of your provisional patent, you will need to file your national stage applications in each country you would like protection. For the U.S. the fees are as follows:

Basic National Stage Fee:$155.00
Search Fee:
(depending on satisfying PCT Article 33(1)-(4))
$0 - $50
US Patent and Trademark Issue Fee:
(due upon issue)

Maintenance Fees

There will be maintenance fees to keep your patent active in each country in which you are granted a patent. For the U.S. the costs will be:

At 3.5 years:$465.00
At 7.5 years:$1,180.00
At 11.5 years:$1,955.00

Office Actions

In the event that an office action is received in regards to your patent application we would generally charge $1,500 for an action of reasonable complexity.

Infrequently we will receive a very complex office action, usually due to the closeness and complexity of the prior art cited by the examiner and would need to charge additional hours. We are happy to quote these figures in advance. The vast majority of office actions are of a reasonable complexity.

Rates for Trademark Services

Trademark Search and Filing Here are our prices for trademark searches and filings:

Trademark Search:$300.00 flat-fee
Trademark Filing:$600.00 flat-fee
USPTO Filing Fee:$225-$275

Office Actions

Trademark office actions tend to have a limited number of issues to be resolved.

We are often able to draft an effective response to a trademark office action in one to two hours of billable time.

Trademark billable hours are $300/hour before any startup or small business discount.

Rates for Other Matters

Our rate for senior counsel is $300/hour for general (non-patent) matters and $375/hour for patent matters before any startup or small business discounts.

Where possible we will use our junior associates and clerks to reduce your costs. Billing rates for associates are $150/hour and for clerks are $100/hour.

The ability to use associates and clerks occurs most often in the context of litigation, but does occur in other matters.

We charge only for time spent on value-producing legal matters (research, drafting, negotiating, or appearing in court).

Emails, phone calls, texts, or administrative matters are not billed.

If software or technology personnel are needed (for electronic discovery, conversion of files, or for evidence recovery, etc.), their rate will generally be $100/hour and will be stated in your engagement letter if we foresee the need for such work.



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