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How We Work

We've built a new kind of law firm and we think you're going to like how we do things:

Email, call, or text us anytime. There is never a charge for calls, emails, or texts with us.

Flat rate or hourly billing.

Courtesy filings for routine IP matters.

Published rates for services.

Special rates for startups and small businesses.

Flat Rate or Hourly Billing

Christopher Hall & Associates offers both flat rate or hourly billing for all of its services, where possible.

Published Rates for Services

We believe in openness and think law firms should publish their rates. As such, we endeavor to publish their rates for various services whenever possible.

If you are not seeing our rates for a service, please call or email with a request and we'll be sure to give you a full response.

Contingency Services

Contingency services available upon request and where appropriate. Typically, contingency services are reserved for litigation matters.

Courtesy Filings for Routine Matters

Many patent, trademark, and other matters require routine responses that can be accomplished electronically with little effort.

Where this is the case, we complete these matters without charge as a courtesy to our clients.

Special Rates for Startups and Small Businesses

Less than a million in sales or venture funding?

As a service to the startup and small business community, we provide 30% discounts on all services to startups and small businesses.

When we provide you an engagement letter prior to delivering services to you, we will spell out both the full cost and startup/small business price for our services.

If we don't already know that you are a startup or small business, we'll invite you to let us know and we'll charge you accordingly at a 30% discount.

Contact Us

telephone:  (312)545-4355



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