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Whether you need a patent search, to file a patent, or patent litigation and dispute resolution services, we can help.

For more information on our patent services, including rates and timeframes, please click here.


Need a trademark to market your goods and services?

We provide trademarks searches, trademark filing and prosecution, and trademark litigation and dispute resolution.

For more information on our trademarks services, including rates and timeframes, please click here.

Intellectual Property

We provide a wide range of intellectual property services, including:

  • software and technology licensing;
  • non-disclosure and non-compete agreements;
  • trade secret protection;
  • copyrights; and
  • open-source software licenses.

How We Work

We've built a new kind of law firm and we think you're going to like how we do things.

Email, call, or text us anytime. There is never a charge for calls, emails, or texts with us. Flat rate or hourly billing. Courtesy filings for routine IP matters. (learn more)

Special Rates for Startups and Small Businesses

Less than a million in sales or venture funding?

As a service to the startup and small business community, we provide 30% discounts on all services to startups and small businesses. (learn more)

Contact Us

telephone:  (312)545-4355



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